Revolution Pro Flawless – Review

Hi Chics!

I was browsing the make up aisles of Superdrug wishing I had thousands and thousands of pounds to buy every single item when I came across this eyeshadow palette from revolution pro. I have tried other palettes from their collection and I have been impressed by the standard of the products they produce, they are very high quality for the price. So when I came across the Pro Flawless palette it was a no brainer that I HAD to get it.


What I love the most about this palette is the colours, I love the burgundy and rust looking shades, it’s something that I have never worn before and I thought all these colours will make a perfect addition to my ever-growing eyeshadow collection. As well as the burgundy colours, my heart will always go towards the browns and nude matte shades, as well as making great everyday looks, they also tone down the more vibrant colours if you aren’t confident going “all-out” in colours.



The palette itself comes in the generic make up revolution packaging, with it’s individually designed cardboard box and then the varnished black palette with “Make Up Revolution’ in gold. The Palette comes with a mirror which I love and I would love to thank Make Up Revolution for adding this touch because it makes me life so so much easier when I’m doing my make up. These palettes do not come with brushes which isn’t a big deal personally because I use my own brushes, I dislike brushes that come with palettes I find them quite useless as I never get the desired look I want from them.


The colours themselves are very pigmented, I find a little goes along way which means their palettes will last you forever and day! I find the consistency of them in between chalky and buttery, which is good and bad depending on what consistency you prefer; I personally prefer a more buttery eyeshadow. All these colours are very blendable with an easiness to do so, there’s nothing more annoying when it takes you 5 minutes to blend out an eyeshadow. Also when you do blend out the colour, it’s still very pigmented, it’s not like some eyeshadows and once you blend out they lost any colour that they held.

Here is a look I have created using this palette:

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 14.44.30.png

Overall, I would recommend this palette. If you’re looking for a really good eyeshadows at a low cost then this is the brand you want in your life! With the amount of palettes they do, there is one for everyone!

Have you got any palettes you recommend? If so, leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x



5 thoughts on “Revolution Pro Flawless – Review

  1. I loveeeee makeup revolution palettes and often a lot of them are great dupes for expensive high end palettes. In fact Ive also reviewed a Makeup Revolution palette that is a dupe! Lovely post by the way💜

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  2. I fell in love with Makeup revolution too! I had never heard of it before so I took a chance and bought the Flawless 2 palette, and it has not disappointed me! (Like I bring it everywhere I travel) The only thing I find that helps is a good eyeshadow base, then they work even better! 🙂 (I use the Milani primer)


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