Superdrug Face Masks – Review 2

Hi Chics!

I’m completely and utterly obsessed with face masks, I don’t think I could get through life without them! They make me feel so much more relaxed, I love the feel of my skin afterwards and since I’ve started using them regularly my skin has had less break outs!

As I was strolling around Superdrug the other day (even though I only came in for 1 thing!), I saw that they had a 2 for 3 on and I really couldn’t resist! I decided that I wouldn’t go too over the top so I just got three and if I get on with these then I will carry on purchasing more!


When I was in the shop I picked up 2 peel of face masks (I find them so satisfying!) and 1 exfoliating face mask. All the masks I picked up said it was ideal for all skin types which is great for me because I have a normal skin type which means sometimes face masks make my skin oily and sometimes it becomes really dry. You are also meant to use them regularly so to get some ok results I bought 2 lots of the same masks and used them each for 2 weeks straight.

The face mask which I am reviewing in this post is Tropical Burst which is a peel of face mask. After using the other face mask I had really big expectations with this face mask but unfortunately it didn’t deliver at all for me. The smell is sooo good, it smells like coconut, pineapple and everything tropical! The consistency is very gooey which is pretty standard for this sort of face mask.


To begin with I massaged this into my face, it didn’t give me a fresh feel when it was on straight away. It dried quite fast which is a positive, I only really had this on for around 10 minutes a time which is perfect for those busy days! I even put it on in the morning, drove to work and then took it off when I got there! After I took this off, my skin felt good not amazing but good. It didn’t really do anything for my pores, they seemed like they stayed the same. There was also no difference to the redness on my face either, which is a shame because I really try to get face masks that help to reduce the redness. The face mask also wasn’t really hydrating.

After a couple of weeks of using this my skin got really bad, I was breaking out with new spots nearly every other day. The redness in my face, seemed to get worse because of the break outs as well. Also my face began to get quite sore which was also due to the amount of spots that I got from this.

Personally, I will not be purchasing this face mask again as it just didn’t work for me. I also have normal skin. So my guess is, if you have acne/spot prone skin then I wouldn’t recommend this product to you. Also if you have dry skin I also wouldn’t recommend this product to you as it wasn’t very hydrating either. I do recommend this product if you have oily none spot prone skin though.

Have you tried any face masks? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


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