Week 25 – My Biggest Regret

Hi Chics!

I’m back again this week with my 30 week blogging challenge! This week is “my biggest regret”.

My biggest regret was dropping out of University, I dreamed of going to University since I was around 10 years old. I had the chance and I feel like I honestly blew it. I went to The University of Exeter which was the number 1 university for the course I wanted to do but unfortunately my depression got the best of me and I dropped out.

I know feel like I don’t have the chance to go to University as I live with my boyfriend and I need to be in work for us to afford to live. I really wish I could go back but I don’t think it’s meant to be.

The positive that I take from dropping out of University though is getting into blogging and this is something I really love to do.

What is your biggest regret? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


6 thoughts on “Week 25 – My Biggest Regret

  1. You know what; I think my biggest regret as of now is leaving my school dormitory and changing to another school, I just saw what I lost by leaving but the deed has already been done, ride on with the challenge.

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  2. Hey! Even though you are with your boyfriend, this should not stop you from going to uni! If yes,it is about practicality and not being currently available to do that, I understand. But otherwise, he is with you so he wants the best for you and if you think going to uni is good, he would encourage you!

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  3. Sorry to hear 😒 but hey, you didn’t drop out because you couldn’t be bothered, or you didn’t try or failed. You dropped out because your health got in the way – it happens to a lot of us x You’ll get there eventually, most people go untraditionally to uni anyway. My love to you x I probably have too many to chose! But I love this writing challenge and may try it myself x


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