Superdrug Face Masks – Review 1

Hi Chics!

I’m completely and utterly obsessed with face masks, I don’t think I could get through life without them! They make me feel so much more relaxed, I love the feel of my skin afterwards and since I’ve started using them regularly my skin has had less break outs!

As I was strolling around Superdrug the other day (even though I only came in for 1 thing!), I saw that they had a 2 for 3 on and I really couldn’t resist! I decided that I wouldn’t go too over the top so I just got three and if I get on with these then I will carry on purchasing more!


When I was in the shop I picked up 2 peel of face masks (I find them so satisfying!) and 1 exfoliating face mask. All the masks I picked up said it was ideal for all skin types which is great for me because I have a normal skin type which means sometimes face masks make my skin oily and sometimes it becomes really dry. You are also meant to use them regularly so to get some ok results I bought 2 lots of the same masks and used them each for 2 weeks straight.

The one I am reviewing in this one is the Fruit Sorbet Mask.

The first one that I tried was called Fruit Sorbet which was an antioxidant peel-off mask. My first impressions of the mask was pretty average, it had an amazing scent to it that I would describe as a berry scent. The consistency of the mask was like all the other packet one’s I’ve tried which is a ‘gooey-like’ like liquid.


When using it I massaged it into my skin which already begun giving me a very refreshed feel to my skin. I waited for around 10 minutes as that’s when the face mask dried up, when peeling it off my face it wasn’t difficult in the slightest; it came off in one sheet which was very satisfying I must say! After, my skin looked and felt refreshed, the redness in my face had also gone down and my pores had tightened which is a big positive!

As I went through the couple of weeks, I began to tell immediate differences. I usually have a break out every 1-2 weeks and I didn’t get 1 spot which it’s amazing for my skin because I’ve always got a least 1! Although it was a completely different matter with my blackheads, they didn’t seem to get any better but they also didn’t seem to get any worse. My complexion seemed to be a lot better as well, the redness in my face went down slightly and my skin always felt really smooth!

I would definitely use this face mask again and I would recommend to everyone! It worked really well for my skin and I think if you have acne prone skin or if you get spots pretty regular then I think this would really work well for you.

Have you tried any face masks recently? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading Shannon x


4 thoughts on “Superdrug Face Masks – Review 1

  1. You mentioned blackheads – I used the Superdrug Spa Charcoal Nose strips recently, they’re brilliant for getting rid of blackheads and they’re such good value! X


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