Olivia Hale Lipgloss – Review

Hi Chics!

I’ve never been a fan of lip gloss as you may have read in my previous posts, simply because of the stickiness that I thought all glosses had but after getting the Max Factor lip gloss the other day my opinion changed and definitely for the better as I have just bought another one!

This one is not so much a known brand it is by Olivia Hale and I got this for £1 (I’ve even forgotten where), I wanted to see if cheaper lip glosses were also really sticky and my worst nightmare! I’m always looking for cheaper alternatives because why pay more?

18452228_10213365199151332_1260953730_o (1)

My first impressions of this lipgloss was pretty standard, the packaging wasn’t a wow factor but it also isn’t awful. You can see the colour of the lipgloss through the plastic which I like because you can judge what it’s going to look like on your lips. Whereas, some packages where it gives you a strip of colour and you have to guess what it’s going to look like on your lips. When I opened the lip up, it the usual applicator that normally comes with lip glosses which makes it a lot easier to apply so I really liked that. It left quite a lot of product over the stick and wand, which looked like it was going to be hard to spread it evenly over my lips.

18451912_10213365198551317_1752443142_o (1)


When I put this on my lips, I realised that it was quite sticky and thick which is really not the consistency that I like but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I carried on trying it out. The pigment isn’t strong but you can easily build it up with the exception of it feeling thicker on your lips. I also tried this over a lipstick to see what it would be like and I enjoyed the lipgloss a lot more, I didn’t have to put that much on over the top but it gave it a nice glow, there also wasn’t as much stickiness along with it.


Have you tried any drugstore lip glosses? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


3 thoughts on “Olivia Hale Lipgloss – Review

  1. I hate lip glosses too! Because of the stickiness as well 🙂 but I would definitely recommend l’oreal lip glosses cause they’re the best I have tried so far. And this looks cool too! Should definitely try this one after reading your review!


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