Maybelline Blushed Nudes – Review

Hi Chics!

As you may know from some of my other posts, I love a nude palette I see the browns and the neutral colours and my knees turn weak. Of course, this happened again and this time it was with The Maybelline Blushed Nudes. They have got other palettes out at the moment which I really want to try, there’s something different for everyone!


When you open the palette you are greeted by 12 rosy and taupe shades with a few golds and greens thrown in the mix as well. There is a mix of cool and warm tones here and as an added bonus you get a few double ended sponge tip applicators. The latter I could live without as I prefer to use my own brushes. There is no mirror meaning the 12 eye shadows take centre stage in this plastic compact packaging which is super cute but I find it quite unpractical as I prefer palettes that come with mirrors. 


The eyeshadows are very smooth, but not the most pigmented. The light colours take at least three layers for the colours to show up vividly with a finger swatch and you’ll need to use some sort of primer to get the desired intensity. The darker greys are much more pigmented, especially the last three shades. Since the texture of the eyeshadows is smooth, it’s very blendable, but you need to keep adding back so that the colour doesn’t fade away while you’re blending. The eyeshadows are quite chalky appose to the buttery texture and you do get quite a lot of fall out with them, so remember to tap your brush! 



The shades are very wearable but nothing exceptional that’s why I am not blown away by the palette. It’s nice but could have been better in terms of the shades and pigmentation. Some of the shades will look very similar when worn.

Is this a pretty palette? Yes and no; it truly depends on your taste. If you never wear taupes and rose shades, then this is not for you. However, if you like the color scheme and aren’t into heavy smokey eyes this can work for you. It is easy to create some easy day time neutral looks with this.


If you are looking for a versatile palette that will boost your creativity and allow you to create look after look that looks different, then this is not for you. I find the colour selection a tad bland and underwhelming. I will continue to use this palette on days where I want to create something romantic and natural looking without too much faffing about.


Have you tried this palette? Leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Maybelline Blushed Nudes – Review

  1. I have the same issue about the texture of the palette. It’s not pigmented and quite chalky. Thanks for the review!


  2. I had the same feelings as you regarding this palette, utterly underwhelming. I ended up decluttering it to a friend. It’s pretty in the packaging but just not quite there in application.


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