Newtons Labs Cleansing Strips – Review

Hi Chics!

A few weeks ago I bought the Biore Cleansing Nose Strips (charcoal) and I thought they worked incredibly well so much that I didn’t mind spending £10 on 6 strips but then I came across these Cleansing Nose Strips which also include activated charcoal however these were only £1 for 6 and if these work just as good as the Biore ones, then I’ll be saving myself and hopefully you a lot more money!

Also this is Biore Vs T-Zone, this is going to be a blog post mainly about the T-Zone cleansing nose strips so check out my Biore Cleansing Nose Strips blog post!


My first impressions of this was that it comes in a standard box just like the Biore strips, I opened the box up and they looked and felt exactly the same as the others again. So far so good and I have no complains.


I then put them across my nose area just like before but these ones seemed to fit my nose better, they also went hard a lot quicker which I liked because assumed it was drawing out my impurities quicker. After pulling it off (and it hurt so much worse than the other one), I found that there was a lot more black heads and dirt that got pulled out. My nose also felt instantly tighter and my pores were instantly a lot smaller, which to me is great results!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 19.04.51

Overall, I would definitely buy this product again as I think it’s on the same level as the Biore Nose Strips, or even better in my experience. If you have never tried these strips than try these T-Zone ones, I think they have just saved my life against pores.

Have you tried any nose strips? If so, leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


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