Week 22 – My Worst Habits

Hi Chics!

Here is week 22 of my blogging challenge, only 8 more weeks left to go! I can’t believe how fast it has gone! This week’s challenge is my Worst Habits, which I quite like!

I have quite a lot of bad habits which I don’t mind admitting but I thought I’d do a top 2 of my bad habits.

Junk Food//

Although I don’t consider myself a health enthusiast, I like to work out and eat well balanced diet and for me it would be so much easier without junk food. Even when me and my boyfriend don’t buy it in our shop, it still ends up in the house and then it ends up in my belly! I have gotten better over the years but I just love it so much.

Spending Money//

I know what you’re thinking, everyone spends money. But, I have the problem that I spend my money on all the wrong things! Bills? Forget it but a £400 bag I am there! I’m honest not that bad but I wish I was better with money, I find it so hard to save money even when I really really want something!


3 thoughts on “Week 22 – My Worst Habits

  1. You know junks are just so irresistable sometimes, but you can control it though, thanks for sharing and sticking to your challenge(never easy).


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