Max Factor Max Effect Gloss Cube – Review

Hi Chics!

So the other day I was shopping in Poundland because well 1. Everything is a £1 and 2. They sometimes do some really good stuff! Before this I’ve never battered an eyelid towards their make up area, I’ve just never wanted to buy Poundland make up but I saw this Max Factor Lip Gloss hanging up and I was intrigued.

When I first got this home, I thought it was a fake product because I’ve never seen this Lip Gloss by Max Factor in all my life but of course Poundland would be sued if they were selling fake products. So I decided to try this product out with a completely open mind.


To begin with I absolutely love the packaging. It’s a square long glass tube with a black cap and transparent body, with a Maxfaxtor ‘X’ right in the front of the tube. Shade name is mentioned below the bar code and number below the tube. I also like the application wand, it’s very generic and easy to handle.

I also really like the texture of the gloss, it’s not thick but it’s also not runny which is great because the application is so easy! I personally have never been fussed with glosses as I dislike the stickiness and low staying power of which comes with them but I was really shocked when I applied this gloss as it’s not sticky and it stays on for a reasonable amount of time. The pigment is also really high which I love, you only have to apply this to your lips around 1-3 times (depending) to get a really good colour.


Have you got any recommended lip glosses? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


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