Barry M Glowmance – Review

Hi Chics!

For about a year now I have stopped using a primer for my skin, I think I must of ran out and I’ve just never got myself another one. Which I really regret as I know how much better your make up is with it. However, I was wondering around Superdrug the other day, because I’m a shopaholic and I came across this Barry M product.


The product is called Glowmance, which is a soft focus revitalising cream which is made to prime skin and to refresh make up. Personally, I would only put this product on before my foundation and not after but that’s how I like to do it.

The packaging of this product is pretty simple, it’s a see-through tube with a white pump with Barry M’s signature near the bottom of the tube.


When I put this on my hand I realised that there was a shimmer to the product, which I loved because I was hoping that when I put it onto my face it would give me a nice highlight throughout. The consistency is very light-weight which I also a positive as I’m not a fan of heavy primers too much. When I applied it to my face, the product done what I was really hoping it was going to do; it gave me a nice dewy highlight across my face but very subtle. It felt very nice on my face and I generally thought this was a great product!


Unfortunately when I added my foundation on top of the product, the dewy highlight which was there was completely gone. There was no trace that it was ever there, but then I was anticipating for that to happen.

Overall, though this product primes my skin really well, it feels smooth and my foundation seems to be looking better!

What are your favourite primers? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


5 thoughts on “Barry M Glowmance – Review

  1. You know im going to be in superdrug today now to look at this! I’ve not used Barry M for about 10 years now… I think as you get older you start to think its a bit juvenile BUT … this looks right up my street! I also use the “Rosie” for autograph amazing radiance cream from M&S, sometimes i use it alone as a glow cream and other times i use it under my foundation or mix is with, and the radiance/glow effect stays. You should try it! X


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