Nude Madgique – Review


Colour correcting has become pretty big recently, everywhere you look every brand is bringing out primers and concealer colours which claim to give you a flawless look – covering up every pimple, redness and darks spots. I haven’t really found one which I like the consistency of until I discovered Nude Magique by Loreal.


When Applying the product it feels very light on your skin and cooling. There is no applicator with this product which I like because I feel it’s more hygienic, it also gives you the freedom to apply how you prefer to apply. You can apply by either using a brush, your fingers, or straight from the tube. What I love about this product is that you can apply all of it on your face and it doesn’t dry out which makes it so much easier to blend. I have tried blending with a brush, a sponge and my finger and I found that my finger blends out the best. You also don’t have to apply a foundation beneath, if it doesn’t wipe off and it sets itself really well.


With this product I like to apply it on my forehead, my cheeks, my chin, my nose and the bottom of my nose//

18196127_10213261426117071_707267178_o (1)

This is after//

18209596_10213261411556707_44431021_o (1)

The only issue I have with this product is the fact the colour comes out quite orange but it doesn’t affect the colour of your foundation. I would honestly recommend this product to everyone!

Do you recommend any CC Creams? If so, leave a comment!

Thank you for reading! x


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