Retro Luxe Lipstick Kit – Review

Hi Chics!

So the other day I was wondering around Superdrug as I usually do because I’m a shopping addict and I came across Make Up Revolutions counter, I am a big fan of their eyeshadow palettes but I haven’t tried much else.

I’ve heard a lot of great comments on these lip kits and from what I can tell there dupes for the hard to get Kylie Lip Kits. When looking for colours there were this colour and a black, so because it’s spring time I thought to myself “another nude colour never hurts anyone” plus, they the colour is my go to!


When I first got it home, I realised that I really enjoyed the packaging it’s bold and it really catches your attention. When I opened the the box inside it came with a liquid lipstick and a lip liner. The packaging made the lipstick look a lot darker than what it actually was, but I wasn’t going to base it on the packaging. I thought once it was on and it becomes matte it may look a lot darker.


The lip colour is a decent size tube, with a clear tube displaying the colour and a matte  rose gold lid, which is of course always blogger approved. The lip liner is matte black packaging with gold branding and a coloured tip.

I applied the liquid lipstick first, and i loved the way it felt. It was very creamy and smooth and it glides on. The colour is very pigmented which I love about it! I then applied the lip liner and it was exactly the same and I really couldn’t fault the product at this point!


After I applied the swatches, I applied it to my lips. To begin with I loved the feel, it went on incredibly smooth and the colour was exactly what I was hoping it would be. The lip liner is really easy to apply around the lips without no smudges or mess. Except when it started to dry it started to feel quite odd, it turned quite cakey, it’s almost as if there’s a film over my lips and I really didn’t like it.

I then applied it the second time and I put a lip balm on before applying the liquid lipstick and the whole experience changed. I loved the way it felt on my lips and it didn’t feel as cakey. It also didn’t try out my lips at all!


At £6 a kit, I absolutely recommend this product! It’s a very good dupe and the range of colours which are available (if not sold out) are amazing. They do mattes and metallic and I’m hoping to get my hands on ALL of them!

Have you tried this product? How did you get on? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


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