Nspa Micellar One-Step Cleanser – Review

Hi Chics!

If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know how much I love Nspa products and skin care! Water-based cleansers have never been my go to product for removing make up, I’ve always thought added to a cotton wool pad it is an equivalent to a make up wipe but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to change my opinion on them!

To use this, I applied the product onto a cotton wool pad and used gentle circular motions across my face to remove the dirt and make up until the cotton wool pad appears clear.


I was honestly really surprised with this product, it really did remove my make up and I only had to use 1 cotton wool pad which is a lot less than what I was expecting! I was really sceptical about using the product on my eyes as I didn’t want my eyes to sting afterwards but there was no pain what-so-ever! I also didn’t have to be really rough around my eyes, with a couple upward motions it was all off.

I was quite pleasantly surprised by this cleansing water. Although, contrary to what it says on the bottle, it’s hopeless at removing eye make up, especially waterproof mascara. I held the saturated cotton wool pad over my eye for ages – it doesn’t sting at all, by the way, but nope, mascara and eyeliner wasn’t budging. I saw some movement after some gentle tugging and moving the pad around, but that’s not good for your eye area at all.


I loved how this product made my face feel afterwards, it felt refreshed, soft and most importantly clean! It removed every last bit of my make up in just a couple of wipes and I didn’t have any greasy residue or wetness on my face afterwards.

The formula of this product is very light and it has a pleasant scent to it, my skin felt amazing afterwards and very toned. It didn’t feel tight and I felt my skins natural moisture was still there. A little also goes a seriously long way!

Have you got any cleansers you’d recommend? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x



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