My Favourite Books


So since I posted the blog post 20 facts about me  I received a few messages asking me about my favourite books, so I’ve decided that I’ll share with you my favourite books I’ve read so far.

Book 1//

The time travellers wife, my mum leant me this book when I was about 15 and as soon as I read it I knew I had to get my own copy. When I read it and found it both interesting and adult – but not in a ‘naughty’ way, I was moving away from children’s books. It is not written to be read as pornographic, something I very much understood when I read it. It is a love story. I think it important to expose teenagers to well written books that include aspects such as love and intimacy. It promotes personal growth and maturity.

It honestly is definitely worth a read.


Book 2//

Looking for Alaska, I got this book after I read The Fault in Our Stars also by John Green as I fell in love but I think this book is so much better. When I read it, I never wanted it to end. It leaves you with so many questions but in a good way.Whether it is about suicide or not is up to the reader, or as John Green says, BBTTR (Books belong to the reader). To me personally it is not about suicide, but you will have to read it yourself to figure out what it is about.


Book 3//

To Kill a Mockingbird, I first read this book when I was in school and I immediately fell in love. The style of written, the way you get attached to the characters is phenomenal. I also love how it’s written in a child’s perspective of the society and the people were back then.


Book 3//

The Maze Runner series, I got these for Christmas as I never heard of them before. I first watched the film and I knew I HAD to read the books.I found the books enjoyable, and the plot kept me hooked. I felt that the epilogue was well-written. The only problem is that the book is more plot-driven rather than character-driven.  I would seriously read this book if you’ve read The Hunger Games series.


Book 4//

The Hunger Games series, I read these before the films came out which were quite disappointing.Nothing I can say/write can’t even begin to summarize just how awesome, beautiful, heart-breaking it was is. Just imagine all the things that blow-you-away, that make you cry, that make you laugh, that make you love, that give a warm glow to your heart, that make you smile through your tears, that make your heart ache, that make you want to be a better person and combine all of them. The result: The Hunger Games Trilogy.




7 thoughts on “My Favourite Books

  1. i absolutely love Looking for Alaska! i liked To Kill a Mockingbird and Time Traveller’s Wife until i had to study them for my english exams


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