My Nightly Skin Care Routine


Fortunately for me, I don’t have oily or dry skin so I can pretty much use any product on my face but unfortunately in these winter months I have been getting unwanted stress spots which are mainly appearing on my cheeks! So I thought I’d share with you my skin routine and how I keep it under control.

These products are student friendly prices!


After a fall day of make-up I will use the Clean and Clear exfoliating daily wash. This leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth, although it does exfoliate the skin unlike most products it isn’t too harsh on the skin. It really does so what it says on the label!



I definitely would not use the Clean and Clear product on my eyes. If you’ve read another post of mine which is here, you’ll realise how much I value this product. It removes my eye make-up like a dream , I recommend this product to everyone!



Simple Cleansing Lotion, just like the other Simple product I honestly wouldn’t want to use any other cleaner on my skin. It leaves my skin feel really fresh and hydrated, it also doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. It’s a perfect product for moisturising your face!



The last product I use is B. Confident Blemish Serum. The thing that attracted me to this product wasn’t just that it aims to help combat blemishes but in fact the claim that this serum can help minimise pores, reduce redness and control excess oil. This is a great product, since using it my pores have felt a lot tighter and the redness in my face has reduced.




B.Quick, 4 in 1 Cleansing Wipes (sorry for the picture). These are perfect if you’re on the go and you need to remove your make-up. They are incredibly hydrating to the skin and with one wipe you can remove very heavy make-up including ALL of your mascara!



What are your favourite skin care products? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x


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