Day 10 – Best Trip Of My Life


This is day 10 of my blog challenge, if you’ve read day 9 you’ll already know but if not then I will be doing this weekly appose to daily due to my work commitments.

The best trip of my life//

This subject is much harder than what I thought it was going to be, thinking about how I’ve spent the last couple of years I haven’t particularly done much in the terms of trips and holidays.

I’ve only ever been to France and Spain and they were both with my school, France was a day and Spain was for a science trip (not bad, ey).

I’ve come to a conclusion that the best trip of my life so far was the Isle of Wight Festival back in 2015. It was so fun and the music was amazing. I went with my boyfriend Will, we were only together for about a month so to begin with I was so nervous that it was going to be really bad but luckily it was the complete opposite.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 17.08.30.png


We’re hoping to go back in 2017 but so far the Line-Up isn’t looking too good at the moment!

What is your favourite trip? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading x




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