The Master Palette


For my birthday which was awhile ago now, I got this beautiful palette for my birthday, I don’t know how my parents got hold of it but they did!

I usually have some idea of where to start when reviewing products but I have no idea where to begin when discussing all the goodness that lies within this ABH x Mario “Master Palette”. To begin with Mario  is known for being Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist and creating her oh so famous looks!

To begin with this palette is made from a cardboard material, with a black and gold foil design. The packaging seems pretty sturdy but whether I would take this on holiday with me or not is another question. I like the fact that inside of the palette (the lid) it comes with a mirror which I will always appreciate when it comes to any palette!

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 20.27.44.png

Onto the eyeshadows (my favourite part!), the colours that are in the palette are very warm tones which for someone who has an unhealthy obsession to this is heaven in a palette. The eyeshadows themselves have a very buttery-smooth like texture which are very pigmented and apply like a dream. Although there are some very bold colours they are all so wearable. I personally think these shades will complement all skin tones.

What I love the most about this palette is how durable the shades are and I found that they don’t crease, also when applying to the crease or lid there is little to no fall-out whatsoever.

With this palette you get as followed (going from top left to bottom right)

Hollywood: Golden ivory
NYC: Medium plummy red-brown
Kim: Copper like colour
Muse: Cranberry like colour
Marina: Rosy beige
Claudia: Deep cool grey
Lula: Medium-like taupe
Isabel: Warm terracotta
Violeta: Warm red-brown (slightly darker than Muse)
5th Ave: Golden champagne
Bronx: Dirty-like olive green
Paris: Murky taupe

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 20.43.36.png

I feel with this palette the only colour missing is a black, but other than that this palette has all the colours you need from a neutral look to a full glam look!

What are your opinions on this palette? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading x



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