Day 9 – What’s in My Bag?


I’ve come to a conclusion that blogging every day is seemingly harder than what I thought it would be, so instead of doing a 30 day blog, I’m going to be spreading out over weeks. So every Sunday for the next 21 weeks, I will be posting my blog challenge.

Week 9, what’s in my bag?

I’ve been wanting to do this post for awhile, I love reading other blogs about this! Is it because I’m nosey? Probably.

My everyday bag is my giant, Paul Castelloe. I love this bag more than anything else that I own, I’ve always been a fan of expensive bags but I prefer the more simple and understated ones. Plus the squirrel logo is super cute!

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 16.07.48.png


What’s in my bag:


My owl hand warmer//

This is a winter must have for anyone, I’ve always got one in my bag for those days where it’s freezing cold and I’ve forgotten my gloves! It is an absolute live saver!



Nail File//

I always carry one of these around because I never know when I’m going to break a nail!



Book and Pen//

This is not my favourite design in the world but my dad got it for me because he knew I wanted a small book. This is the handiest thing I have in my bag, I use it mainly if I have a blog thought throughout the day or anything like that. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer writing things down.

Coffee Flask//

Coffee is my best friend, especially in the mornings so having this in my bag is a must! This flask is perfect as well, it honestly stays hot-warm all day!


Lip Balm//

I love this lip balm, it smells good and it feels even better! This is also a serious must-have seriously in the winter!




Unfortunately, I’m short sited so my life revolves around these! I usually forget about them but I’m trying to get in the habit of wearing them all day!


Body Spray or Perfume//

In every girls bag you will always find either perfume or body spray. In mine I’ve got this Jack Will’s body spray called Hope Cove. It honestly smells so good, I wish they done it as a perfume!



Hand Cream//

My go to hand cream is Hand Food by Soap and Glory, it’s completely hydrates my hands and the smell is so good!


As much as I don’t mind water, I prefer it so much better with some flavour. Little Mighty Drops by Oasis is a really easy thing to carry in your bag and it tastes so good!


My Keys//

These are obviously a must, just like anyone!



Unfortunately I haven’t got a matching purse for my bag at the moment but I love my Fiorelli one, it’s so big and handy! It literally hold around 20 cards!



My iPhone//

During the day while I’m at work, I don’t really need it but before and after it is a must have! I’m also Apple mad, so you’ll never see me without something Apple.



What’s in your bag? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading! x


11 thoughts on “Day 9 – What’s in My Bag?

  1. Fun read! I totally agree that blogging daily can be difficult! This was nice to read, my purse is full of a bunch of things. Sometimes it seems like I’m walking around with my life lol. One big thing you can always find in my purse is lotion and lip balm, currently I have 3 of each 😃Love moisturizing!!


  2. I feel you pain. In the beginning, I did a blog a day for a year. It was a great creative outpouring while also a lot of work. I still write almost everyday but the musings making it to a blog have become sporadic.


  3. Great stuff!

    In my bag? At *minimum,* wallet, keys, phone, compact, lip product, and BART transit card. If I have space, reusable shopping bag, sanitizing wipes, and sunglasses!


  4. check book, calligraphy pen, notebook, driver’s license, kindle. Only one I leave out most of the time is the checkbook. The rest are indispensable. I travel light. Phone stays in pocket along with a pen knife and cash.


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