30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 6


This is day 6 of my 30 day blog challenge!

What I’m Afraid Of//

When I was growing up I had countless fears, from what I was going to put in my English essay to being scared of the dark but now that I’m I’m older and I would like to say wiser I have 3 major aspects in my life that I’m afraid of.


Not Succeeding//

I can’t imagine I’m not the first person to say this, but I am so afraid of not succeeding in life. I want to be one of those people that look back in later life and think “yeah, I’ve had a great life”.

At the moment though, I just want to simply graduate from University with a grade that I’m proud with and I’m afraid that I won’t succeed.



This is probably my biggest fear out of all 3, I have no idea when I started to dislike bugs and creepy crawlies because when I was younger (under 10 years old) for some odd reason I loved bugs. If I see a small black thing with a tiny body and creepy legs, my knees just turn weak and I get uncontrollable shivers. Even thinking about them right now while I’m writing this is giving me the creeps!



I can’t stand the thought of taking to someone I’ve never really talked to before and I hate being in a room full or people I don’t know. Although I have never been diagnosed or really thought too much about it but I suppose I have aspects of social anxiety. Β I’m the sort of person who can’t phone up the doctors to make an appointment because I’m afraid of talking to the person on the other end.


What are your fears? Leave a comment!


Thank you for reading x





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