30 Days Of Blogging Challenge – Day 1.


So I’ve decided that I’m going to do the 30 Days of Blogging Challenge as it seems really fun to do! 2 main reasons why I really want to do it as well is because 1. You get to know me better over the course of 30 days and 2. I’m going to be blogging about light subjects that I feel would be too short or/and not interesting enough.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me more.

P.s Sorry but you’re going to be seeing my face A LOT over the next 30 days.


DAY 1 – Your Blog’s Name//

To begin with, this was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. A blog name is suppose to resemble who you are, what your blog is about etc… But I also feel it has to be short and snappy; something that people will remember.

I was thinking of a name for sooo long and I had a couple of notebook pages of possibilities but none of those names felt right, so I gave up for the evening and I was going to resume the next day. Except as I was watching Pretty Woman the name High-Chic came into my head and that was it! That was how my Blog name HighChic was created.

I understand that like most blogs, there is no actual meaning behind it but I like my Blog’s name and I wouldn’t change it to anything that was on that list whatsoever.


This has got me thinking, how did you come up with your blogs name? Leave a comment!

Thank you for reading!



17 thoughts on “30 Days Of Blogging Challenge – Day 1.

  1. I like this a lot! It’s one of my goals to start being more consistent with my blogging. This might be just the thing to help me get going! Thanks 🙂


      1. I think I will as soon as I finish posting the updates to a bucket list I posted that I’ve been procrastinating about, lol Thanks, I definitely need all the encouragement I can get 😉


  2. It’s funny how an idea just pops up at random times. High Chic sounds good! 🙂

    I named my blog Daily Warriors to represent all the things we go through in life, bravely moving forward despite everything.


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