Make Up Challenges


I’m not going to sugar coat this I am a youtube junkie, when I have nothing planned in an evening I love spending my time scrolling through make-up pages and watching so many talented people, the amount of talent some people hold is unbelievable; they create the most stunning and imaginative looks! On occasions I think my jaw has literally dropped at all the challenging make up looks that are done on youtube.

So I’ve decided to take it upon myself to do a few challenges myself, so in my upcoming blogs I will be featuring;

  • Makeup in the dark
  • My boyfriend does my makeup (what am I getting myself into)
  • Mix and Match Make up
  • Lipstick only makeup challenge
  • 30 Days of makeup challenge
  • Left handed makeup challenge
  • 30 days of lipstick
  • 30 days of eyeshadow


Which challenges have you tried/ would like to try?

Thank you for reading x


14 thoughts on “Make Up Challenges

  1. Great page! My page is all about make up reviews and palettes aimed at students with a tight budget. I Hope to aid people in finding the perfect products at affordable prices. Also, i do honest reviews on whether palettes are worth the hype that popular bloggers make them out to be! x


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