My Mini Drugstore Haul


I love experimenting with all sorts of make up and I feel I’m way overdue in needing to try a few pieces out. So I thought to myself the other day, what’s better than to do a mini drugstore haul? The answer is nothing, nothing is more perfect as it’s inexpensive, there’s always one at your local town and there’s so much choice (which could be a bad thing if you’re on a budget).

I’ve decided on this mini haul that I will set myself a target of £20 (knowing me, I probably won’t stick to it) and ONLY buy items that I have never tried before.

As I was walking around Superdrug I decided that I’m going to (try) take more care of my skin. I’ve always heard really good thins about Simple so I got a couple of products from them. As I was looking nothing particularly appealed to me other than 2 Superdrug products, although I am curious and excited on what they’re going to be like!

I then walked past a mirror and looked at how dull my hair had gotten over the few colder months and I knew that it was going to get worse. I love John Frieda, his products have always had a positive review from me so I decided to give the ‘Go Blonder Lightening Spray’ a try.
Once I got them products I realised that my budget was nearly gone, so to the make-up I headed. I have looking for the perfect lipstick forever now and nothing had really stood out to me so I decided that I will give Sleek a try as I’ve never used them before. I also saw that Make-up Revolution had an eye primer so I quickly picked that up too!
I will be reviewing everything I bought today in another blog post.
Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “My Mini Drugstore Haul

  1. Setting £20 for a shopping trip of stuff you’ve never tried before actually sounds so fun! I LOVE the John Frieda lightening spray for when I don’t want to pay out for more highlights, looking forward to the review 🙂 x


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