3 Ways to Naturally Grow Longer Lashes


False eyelashes were the bane of my life until I discovered these 3 ways to make your eyelashes grow longer naturally. Everyone aspires to have healthy long eyelashes, to get that dramatic look without having to worry about getting glue allover the place. Just like we care for our skin, our hair and everything else we should take more care of our eyelashes!

I’ve discovered 3 little home remedies that really do help keep your eyelashes healthy!

Remedy 1//

Olive Oil, this helps the eyelashes grow due to the amount of vitamin E that it contains. It also includes oleic acid keeping them moisturised.

To do this remedy simplyΒ dipΒ a q-tip in olive oil and then simply glide the q-tip over your lash line. Usually I only do the top lash line with this and not my bottom.

Remedy 2//

Coconut Milk, this is full of proteins and fat which may put you off drinking but it is perfect for your lash growth, it also adds volume and shine. Which is a good sign that you’re keeping your lashes healthy!

To do this remedy simple soak a cotton ball, cotton pads or even a tissue in coconut milk until it is absorbed. Put it onto your eyes and leave it there for around 10-15 minutes (of course you can leave it on longer or shorter). Then just remove the pads!

Remedy 3//

Petroleum Jelly, this just adds moisture to your lashes. This is great if your have dry or brittle lashes.

To do this remedy simply massage your eyelids with the petroleum jelly. Alternatively you can also apply it into your lashes by placing it from the eye lid to the tip of the lashes in a stroking formation with your fingers.

All 3 of these tips will give you the top results but you can always alternate them on different days. I hope these tips help you achieve the perfect lashes!

Thank you for reading!


20 thoughts on “3 Ways to Naturally Grow Longer Lashes

  1. I used the petroleum jelly for the longest time, and it seriously made my lashes longer! Can’t believe I ever got out of the habit of putting it on!


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