My Watch Wishlist


I’ve never been an accessory kind of person, I’ve always had a nice bag and purse but other than that I don’t particularly wear a lot of jewellery, hats, scarfs or anything of the kind. Of course I do own items but in the morning I just walk straight past them.

Recently, I’ve changed out of that habit and I bought myself a simple watch from Cluse. Ever since I received that watch I have been browsing for my next watch!

Watch 1//

Rose Gold Watch by The Horse  RRP: 87.33

I have 3 words for this watch; Simple, Elegant and Beautiful. I feel The Horse has done this watch right, I like how simplified it is but how stunning it is as well. The strap is such a lovely colour which will go well with all 4 seasons. The simple face and hands make it easy to look down and tell the time without getting distracted by loads of bling.


Watch 2//

Wonderland Mint by Olivia Burton RRP: £70

The rose gold and silver mix finish looks fantastic and this watch is the perfect size for small wrist! The mint strap really complements the watch design brilliantly. A must have accessory suitable for all occasions.


Watch 3//

The Bowery by Rosefield RRP: £79

I love this classic look from the Rosefield collection, because of the lightness of the watch it gives it an effortless feel. The eggshell face really compliments the rose gold-plated hands which I love about the watch. It’s also available in silver!

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 20.36.56.png

Watch 4//

Jacqueline Three-Hand Date Blush by Fossil RRP: £95

This has to be my all time favourite watch, I have never seen anything so beautiful. I love the thin strap that comes with it as you can easily pair it with a bracelet without having a heavy wrist. The different metallic colours have me tranced in a dream, it’s something that makes the watch really stand out. Although  it’s different to the others it still has that class that I look for in a watch.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 20.48.15.png

Overall, I like the more ‘simple’ style as it’s timeless (no pun intended). I also love pastel colours appose to a bold statement colour, to me it’s more classy and it’s so much easier to match with my outfits than if I were to go for a barbie pink or a royal blue. I am especially in love with the pink fossil watch, I love the different colours on the face it reminds me of a sea shell.

Thank you for reading!


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