My Birthday!


I’m officially out of my teens, the big 20! Which I’m sad, happy and excited about which is very strange. I’m sad because I’m no longer a teenager but I’m also happy and excited because I’m finally close to actually being treated like an adult!

I love Birthdays whether it’s mine, a member of families or a friends! It’s a day where you celebrate life and to have fun.

Lucky for me, I was able to spread my birthday throughout the weekend. On the Saturday my boyfriend, Will, planned a really lovely day for us both which is a big deal as we pretty much work opposite shifts half the time. We went to Brighton which I love so much! I always find that there’s endless things to do there. Although parking with £25 for only 5 hours, it was totally worth it.

We started out at the pier and shared a box of doughnuts, we then went exploring in the Brighton museum and art collection and then we spent the rest of the day shopping starting with the lanes! Which if you’ve never been, it’s such a good experience to have.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 12.29.30.png  Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 12.49.52.png

In the evening I went round my parents, we had tea, cake and they sung happy birthday  which was lovely and then we went to Pizza Express which I absolutely loved!

On the Sunday I went for afternoon tea with my mum, the atmosphere was lovely and I could of carried on eating the little sandwiches and cakes endlessly! We then went to watch my brother play rugby, which was fun as I haven’t watched him play in so long.

I received so many lovely gifts and I couldn’t be less grateful for everything.

Thank you for reading x


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