Stripped Bare


My biggest addiction has to be a neutral eyeshadow palette, I see the browns, the soft pinks and my knees go weak and no matter what it says on the price tag I can never resist the temptation no matter how much my boyfriend tries talking me out of, at the time it has to be mine! I then get it home and realise that it’s just like all the other palettes I own and the excitement that I got from in the shop slowly fades… Until I see a new palette is released and the process starts all over again.

For once I am not the victim of spending ££ into an over hyped palette, this little gem which was love at first sight was only £6! At first I didn’t think much of the palette, I was just to fixated on the colours. I was initially I was drawn in my the warm tones that were included and the shadows looked very flattering and wearable for any occasion. The 3 shades up the top are creams (the middle with a pink undertone). There is a gold shimmer, a pink shimmer and a brown shimmer (I don’t think that one is my cup of tea). 12 of the shades are matte and including the top 3.

Overall I found the formula on the matte shades to be the best as they were very blendable  and the pigment was great, although they were quite chalky which lead to a lot of fall out and for someone who does their eye shadow after their base it was a slight inconvenience to me. The ‘shimmery’ shades didn’t have as much pigment but there was no fall out whatsoever so those shades were great for building up the eyeshadow.

Overall I would definitely keep this palette, I really like the shades that come with it and for £6 it really is worth every penny. I also think it’s a great dupe for the UrbanDecay Naked Smokey Palette.


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