New Year Resolutions

Hi There!

So it’s that time of year where everyone is trying to kick away bad habits and start fresh again. Although let’s be honest, nobody will actually stick to these first crazy plans of the year and in a few months time we’ll be back to our old wicked ways.

I’ve never really been the one for setting goals because I didn’t want to feel like a failure for not sticking to them, also most years I didn’t really have any to set I was pretty content with life and I felt like nothing really needed changing. Apart from this year I have thought of a few and I’ve decided that my first ever blog will be about my goals for 2017 (wow, that sounds so futuristic!)

Here are a my resolutions:

Be More Thoughtful//

I hope to be more thoughtful, in general I feel as if I am a thoughtful person. I consider myself a good friend and girlfriend but I mean the little aspects in life. I know people that will send little cards or getΒ little gifts for people because they’ve seen it and thought of you.

Eat Better//

I hope to eat breakfast and stay more regulated with my meals. I also get so consumed with my general lifestyle (even though it’s not that busy) that I “forget” to look after myself. I’ve never been a breakfast person, I usually fall out of bed, put the kettle on and have a cup of tea or coffee and I suppose that will be my breakfast. I will also sometimes either not fancy having lunch so I’ll just have dinner. So hopefully by the end of 2017 I’ll be eating 3 meals a day on a regular basis!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 20.26.15.png

Experiment With Makeup Styles//

I hope to experiment with different style of make up. Although I’m always trying out new make up products I’m never changing the style of how I’m doing it. I think it must of been last year when I found the style that I found was perfect for me and I have loved my routine which is full of browns and golds on my eyelids and a nude lip but I just don’t want to stay in a rut. So this year I have decided that I’m going to be using makeup to create different styles, goodbye nude and hello red!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 20.35.49.png

Thank you for reading my first blog post! I’m looking forward to the future.


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